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Special situations

In this section you will find more information about lay-offs and situantions comparable to lay-offs, employment promotion measures, suspension periods, grants, international situations, entrepreneurship and unemployment security for ageing people.


Self-employment in the context of unemployment security law can be either full-time or part-time. If you become unemployed or start a business while unemployed, the TE Office will make an assessment as to whether your business counts as full-time or part-time self-employment. The TE Office’s assessment is binding on your unemployment fund.

Unemployment security for ageing people

The right to extended allowance, employment obligation and the change security model may be matters concerning an ageing jobseeker.

Employment promotion measures

The TE Office may request a jobseeker to undertake employment promotion measures, during which an earnings-related allowance is paid. The unemployment fund will pay you the same earnings-related allowance during your participation in the employment promotion measure as you would be entitled to during a period of unemployment. You may also be entitled to the increased earnings-related component and an expense allowance

Suspension period

‘Suspension period’ refers to a penalty imposed by the TE Office, which involves suspending your jobseeker status for a specific period of time during which you will not, as a rule, be eligible for an earnings-related allowance.


The effect of the grant on the right to earnings-related unemployment allowance is examined on a case-by-case basis at the TE Office. The awarded grant must be immediately reported to the TE Office and the fund.

Working abroad and unemployment security

If you move abroad, you should inform the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science and ask us for advice on continuing your membership and on transferring your periods of insurance and employment.

Layoffs and situations comparable to layoffs

Layoff refers to a situation in which your employer unilaterally decides to shorten your working hours and, consequently, reduce your pay, while the employment relationship is otherwise valid. You may be entitled to an earnings-related allowance during the layoff period if the other conditions for the payment of the allowance are fulfilled.

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