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Suspension period

‘Suspension period’ refers to a penalty imposed by the TE Office, which involves suspending your jobseeker status for a specific period of time during which you will not, as a rule, be eligible for an earnings-related allowance.

It is also not possible for your unemployment fund to impose a waiting period while your jobseeker status is suspended. Suspension periods have been shortened since the introduction of the Nordic labour market service model on 2 May 2022. Under the new model, the length of the suspension period is 7, 14, 30 or 45 calendar days, depending on the circumstances. Before the suspension periods ranged from 15 to 90 days.

More information about suspension periods is available from TE Office(opens in new window, you move to another service).

Please note that a suspension period imposed by the TE Office is not the same as a waiting period imposed by your unemployment fund. For more information about waiting periods, see The amount of earnings-related allowance(opens in new window) on our site.

Challenging a decision imposing a suspension period

You can still submit an application for an earnings-related allowance to your unemployment fund even if the TE Office has suspended your jobseeker status. In such circumstances, your unemployment fund will make a decision on your application, and you will then have an opportunity to appeal against the unemployment fund’s decision. Opinions issued by the TE Office are not open to appeal, which is why you need a decision from your unemployment fund if you want to fight your suspension. For more information about the appeals process, please see Appeals and recoveries(opens in new window) on our site.

Applying for the allowance after the end of your suspension period

If you are happy to wait out your suspension period, please leave at least two full calendar weeks (Mon–Sun) between the end of your suspension and the submission of your first post-suspension earnings-related allowance application. Your application should provide details as to what you did during the suspension period. If you were working and earning a wage, enclose evidence of your employment (employment contract as well as evidence of your weekly working hours if you were paid on an hourly basis).