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Membership fees

The membership fee is a euro amount that is confirmed every year by the Financial Supervisory Authority and is paid on a monthly basis. In 2024, the membership fee for the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science is EUR 4.50 per month (EUR 54.00 per year). Our membership fee is the same for all members.

If you are a member of the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science through a trade union, the membership fee for the unemployment fund is included in the union fee. For any enquiries concerning your membership fees, please contact the membership service of your trade union.

Paying the membership fee as an individual member

The unemployment fund sends the invoice for the membership fee to individual members once a year in the spring. The payment for the entire current year is paid at one time. When you pay the invoice, you can order an e-invoice from your online bank.

The individual members’ membership fee invoices for 2024 were sent on 15 February 2024. If you are an individual member of the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science and do not receive the invoice by March 8, 2024, please contact us via Openetti. First, log on to Openetti and then click the ‘Compose message’ button on the Openetti front page.

Please keep your contact information up to date

Check and update your contact information in the Openetti service to get messages sent by the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science to the correct address in the future. You can update your information in Openetti under Personal information > Contact data.

Membership fee must be paid for each month of membership

Membership fees cannot be waived during membership on any grounds. The membership fee must also be paid during periods of unemployment, job alternation leave, studying or family leave, for example. Members belonging to a trade union receive instructions on how to pay the membership fee from their own union. The membership fee is not charged directly from unemployment benefit or job alternation allowance. If necessary, find out from your union how the membership fee is paid for periods without wages.

Failure to pay the membership fee is not a resignation notice. Notification of resignation must always be submitted in writing.

The membership fee must be paid no later than six (6) months from the beginning of the month of membership that it applies to.

The membership fee must also be paid for the whole month in situations where you join the unemployment fund, resign or are expelled from the fund in the middle of a calendar month. A member who has resigned or been expelled is not entitled to any reimbursement of fees paid to the fund that apply to the membership period preceding resignation or expulsion.

The membership fee of the Unemployment Fund for Education and Science is tax deductible. The unemployment fund or trade union automatically reports the paid membership fee to the tax authorities.