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Earnings-related daily allowance

Entitlement to earnings-related unemployment allowance requires, among other things, that you have been a member of an unemployment fund for at least 26 weeks, that you have fulfilled the employment condition while as a member, and that you have registered as an unemployed full-time jobseeker.


In the sections below, you will find more information on, for example, the right to earnings-related unemployment allowance, the amount of the allowance, applying for the allowance, adjusted daily allowance, certain special situations, and appeals and recoveries.

Right to earnings-related daily allowance

If you become unemployed, are temporarily laid off, or are only partially employed because the employer has no more work to offer, you may be entitled to earnings-related allowance.

The amount of earnings-related allowance

The amount of allowance is calculated from your pay before unemployment. Your income will be taken into account for the calendar weeks that accumulate the 26-week employment condition.

Applying for earnings-related allowance

When you become unemployed, you should register as a jobseeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) no later than on the first day of your unemployment. Be sure to keep your jobseeker status valid. The unemployment fund can only pay an allowance for the period during which your job search was valid

Adjusted and reduced daily allowance

Earnings-related unemployment allowance can be paid adjusted if you work part-time or occasionally, or if you are a part-time entrepreneur. The allowance is paid reduced if you are paid certain social benefits.

Special situations

In this section you will find more information about lay-offs and situantions comparable to lay-offs, employment promotion measures, suspension periods, grants, international situations, entrepreneurship and unemployment security for ageing people.

Petition for appeal and recovery of payments

If you disagree with your unemployment fund’s decision, you can challenge it by filing an appeal with the Social Security Appeal Board.

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