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Follow-up application – how and when?

In July, many applicants have time to fill in a follow-up application. . Please read our news about filling in the follow-up application and the necessary entries.

After the first application, earnings-related unemployment allowance is always applied for in application cycles of either four calendar weeks or one month (does not need to be the same as the calendar month, for example 13 June 2023 – 12 July 2023).

A suitable application cycle for each applicant is evaluated when processing the first application. After your first application has been processed, you will receive a letter informing you about your future application cycle.

If you are paid wages from full-time work during the application period, the pay day does not need to be reported in the application! For example, the date of payment of a one-off instalment based on the OVTES collective agreement is also not reported in the application if the one-off instalment has been paid on the basis of full-time employment.

However, the pay day must be stated in the application if you are paid wages during the application period for part-time work, occasional work or if, for example, you are paid an OVTES one-off instalment based on part-time work. The pay day of fees paid through an invoicing service provider must also be reported in the application.

You can read the illustrated instructions via the link below.

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