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In what circumstances is the information held in the Incomes Register not enough?

Applicants for earnings-related unemployment allowance often wonder what attachments are needed for the application. Especially with regard to payslips and employment contracts, our members may wonder whether they need to be delivered to us at the fund.

The attachments required for the application are often only found out when the application is being processed, because the situations are so case-specific. In many cases, the attachment does not appear until the processing of the application has progressed further. Because of this, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that what all the attachments are needed and whether, for example, payslips are necessary.

Does the fund need payslips at all anymore?

In terms of earnings payment data, our work at the unemployment fund has become easier when we received the Incomes Register as of 1.1.2020. The Incomes Register provides us with data on wages paid as of 1.1.2019.

As of 1.1.2021, we have also received data from the Incomes Register on benefits affecting earnings-related unemployment allowance. However, the fund only sees the incomes and benefit data of the Incomes Register when the application has been received by the fund.

The data in the Incomes Register helps processing in many situations, but it does not always reveal all the information that is important for processing. If the necessary information is not available in the Incomes Register, we will request additional information either from the payroll accountant or from the applicant.

Below is a list of the most common situations in which, in addition to Incomes Register data, we may need, for example, additional explanations provided by a payslip or payroll accountant:

  1. the wages include holiday bonuses or compensation, the amount of which is not specified in the Incomes Register
  2. unpaid leave has been withheld from wages
  3. salary includes reduced pay during periods of sickness
  4. salary includes corrections to previous salaries
  5. salary includes some irregular extras, such as lump-sum payments or bonuses
  6. the amount of normal salary has changed (especially, if you are applying for adjusted daily allowance for part-time work)
  7. the first payslip for a new part-time job, if the salary information is not clearly indicated in the employment contract (for example, if it’s only mentioned that the salary is in accordance with the collective agreement)
  8. you have received payments via an invoicing service (payslips are always required in these cases)

You can submit payslips as an attachment to the application if you are affected by any of the above-mentioned situations. In this way, the processing of your application can be significantly speeded up. If additional clarifications are needed on the salaries paid, we will ask for them either from you or from the payroll accountant.

What about the employment contract – does it need to be delivered?

In connection with the salaries paid, we also see some information related to employment relationships. However, employment information is displayed in the Incomes Register with very varying degrees of accuracy, and it does not always show all the necessary data. The fund needs information on, for example, the duration of the employment relationship, the reason for termination, the weekly working hours, the job function and the basis for salary. If these are not apparent from the Incomes Register, we usually have to send the applicant a request for additional information in order to submit the employment contract.

If you work part-time, an employment contract must always be delivered to the fund. Replacements lasting less than two weeks do not usually require the submission of an employment contract. In this case, indicate in the additional information on the application the period during which the employment relationship has been valid. Please also remember to mark the hours worked on the application. You can find instructions for filling in the application and reporting working hours via the link below.

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