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Restrictions to job alternation compensation

You are not entitled to a job alternation compensation for a period in which you are

  • receiving pay from the employer that is a party to the job alternation leave
  • in military or non-military service
  • in full-time employment lasting more than two weeks with another employer
  • you are engaged in full-time business activities
  • you are receiving benefits under the Act on Unemployment Security
  • you are receiving a sickness, maternity, paternity, parental or special care allowance under the Health Insurance Act, or you have been granted a leave due to pregnancy, childbirth or the care of a child

Job alternation compensation is not paid for a period during the alternation agreement for which no substitute has been hired. Job alternation compensation is paid according to the original plan, however, if the substitute’s employment ends in the middle of the leave for some reason, and the TE Office cannot provide another substitute.

While you are receiving job alternation compensation, you are not entitled to a study grant.

If you have previously been on job alternation leave, you can take a new job alternation leave after you have been employed for at least five years (60 full calendar months) after the end of the previous alternation leave.

Job alternation compensation and social benefits

Some statutory benefits that you may receive during your job alternation leave, such as a child home care allowance from Kela, reduce the amount of your job alternation compensation.

Child home care allowance is a family benefit that is usually deducted from the allowance of the recipient of job alternation compensation. Child home care allowance is not deducted if the allowance is paid to your partner who cares for a child full-time at home and would consequently not be eligible for an unemployment benefit. If your partner is unemployed and the child home care allowance is paid to your partner, it will be deducted from your partner’s unemployment allowance.

Your job alternation compensation is not reduced by a housing allowance, social assistance, family caregiver support, child benefit or survivors’ pension.

You must inform the unemployment fund is you have received or applied for a social benefit.