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Payment reminders for individual membership fees have been sent

This news concerns individual members of the fund. For persons who belong to the fund through a trade union, the fund’s membership fee is included in the union membership fee.

Payment reminders for individual membership fees for the year 2023 have been sent on 22.8.2023. The due date of the invoice is 15.9.2023, and the invoice must be paid in one installment.

If you have joined one of our member unions or want to resign from the Fund, you don’t need to pay the invoice, but you must notify the Fund in writing. Instructions for informing the fund can be found via the link below.

The individual membership fee must be paid until the end of the individual membership, which means that in this case, we will send you a new invoice if necessary.

Please note, that if you are a member of the Fund through the union, the membership fees are still handled through your own trade union’s membership register. In this case, you can get more information about your membership fees from your own union.

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