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Mobility allowance for support when commuting is long

Are you starting a new job with a long commute? Or do you even have to move for new work? If your answer is yes, you should check whether you could be entitled to mobility allowance

Many of the summertime daily allowance applicants will start a new job in the autumn. Sometimes a new job is located far away, in which case the commute may be long or the person may have to move far away for work. In this case, the right to mobility allowance may arise.

Mobility allowance can be granted to a person

  • who is entitled to earnings-related daily allowance at the start of employment,
  • whose employment will last a minimum of two months or who participates in work-related training that lasts a minimum of 2 months
  • when the travelling time to and from work will exceed three hours per day for full-time work and two hours per day for part-time work

The length of the mobility allowance period is 30, 45 or 60 days, depending on the duration of the employment relationship. The amount of the allowance is EUR 37.21 per day (in 2023) and it will be paid for a maximum of 5 working days per week. In part-time work, mobility allowance is paid only for working days.

If the matter is topical for you or if you are otherwise interested in mobility allowance, read more detailed information on the requirements, application and payment of mobility allowance via the button below.

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