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Taxation of benefits

Earnings-related allowance, job alternation compensation and mobility allowance are taxable income. The Tax Administration provides the fund with our members’ salary withholding tax information from 1 February. You do not need to send the tax
card you receive at home to the fund. If you have joined the fund in the middle of the year, please check the ‘Personal information’ section of Openetti to make sure that we have received your tax information.

We use your salary
withholding tax rate
in the payment of the benefit. However, the percentage is at least 25%, even if your tax rate is lower.

If you wish, you can order a revised tax card for benefits, and the tax will be withheld according to the rate on this tax card. You can order a revised tax card for benefits in the online tax service MyTax. In the service, select ‘Teachers’ Unemployment Fund’ as the payer of the benefit, and your tax card information will be automatically received by the fund, usually on the next working day at the earliest.

More information on taxation is available on the website of the Tax Administration at

Why does the tax information in Openetti differ from
the information on my tax card?

Currently, if a person does not have a valid tax card for benefits the
Tax Administration automatically reports the withholding tax rate as 25
percent. Previously, the information reported by the Tax Administration was
always the same as the information indicated on the tax card, but tax was
withheld at a rate of 25 percent when using a tax card intended for wages.

The Tax Administration reports the annual income threshold to the
unemployment fund by sending an estimate of the income threshold for your
earnings-related daily allowance. The estimate is based on the estimated
earnings indicated on your tax card, and earnings-related daily allowance is
generally approximately 60 percent of your earnings.

This new practice related to the transfer of tax information was
introduced by the Tax Administration and information about the practice and
other matters related to taxation is available at