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Right to access information

The unemployment fund has a statutory right to receive the information required to decide an earnings-related allowance or job alternation compensation application or to perform any other duties decreed for it from the entities listed below. This right also applies to confidential information. 

The following entities are obliged to disclose information: 

  1. central government and municipal authorities and other public corporations; 
  2. the Finnish Centre for Pensions, pension and insurance companies, and pension funds; 
  3. employers, clients or other commissioners of work, unemployment funds, employer’s funds and training service providers or other educational institutes referred to in the Act on Public Employment and Business Service; 
  4. other organisers of employment promotion measures; 
  5. employment authorities; 
  6. information on the beginning and end of any sentence from the Criminal Sanctions Agency; 
  7. the Tax Administration

Information is transferred electronically between systems (including Kela and the Labour Administration), and information is requested as needed on a case by case basis, for example, from an individual employer or pension institution.