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Restrictions to earnings-related allowance


No earnings-related allowance will be paid if:

  • you are under 17 years old or if you are 65 years old or over 
  • you have not yet been a member of an unemployment fund for 26 weeks
  • you have not met the employment condition of 26 weeks during your unemployment fund membership
  • you have not registered as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office
  • you are a full-time student *
  • you are a full-time entrepreneur *
  • you are fully self-employed (as a caregiver, for example) *
  • you receive pay or other compensation paid by the employer during your notice period
  • you are in military or civilian service
  • you are serving a prison sentence
  • you are hospitalised or in similar institutional care

*) In these situations, the TE Office assesses the situation based on
the provisions of the Act on Unemployment Security and provides the unemployment fund with a statement, on the basis of which the unemployment fund will issue a negative decision on the earnings-related allowance.

You are not entitled to an allowance during a period in which you are receiving:

  • maternity, paternity, parental or special care allowance, or you are on child-care leave
  • full or partial sickness allowance
  • unemployment pension or farm closure pension
  • labour market subsidy or basic
  • old age pension, early old age pension, individual early retirement pension or career pension
  • annual holiday pay based on full-time employment, or you are on unpaid leave
  • pay or other compensation during your notice period, or some other financial benefit from your employer related to the termination of your

Exception: If you are employed and have received the maximum of 300 days of sickness allowance from Kela, you are still not fit for work and your
employer cannot offer you a job that matches your work capacity, you are entitled to an unemployment benefit if the following conditions are met:

  • your employer is not paying you full sick pay or partial sick pay based on full-time work
  • your disability pension application has been rejected or is pending
  • you have registered as a jobseeker with the TE Office

In this case, your application should be accompanied by a copy of Kela’s decision on reaching the maximum period for sickness allowance, your employer’s statement that they cannot offer you a job corresponding to your work capacity, and a copy of the documents related to your disability pension application.

See also Effect of social benefits.