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Income and tax details


You can view the earnings payment reports received by the fund from the
Incomes Register here. Please note that income information will not be
activated until you submit your application. By pressing the payment date, you
can open the details of the earnings payment report. Employers have reported
information on wages paid to the Incomes Register since the beginning of 2019.


The employer also reports unpaid absences to the Incomes Register.
However, reporting absence information to the Incomes Register is voluntary.
Always indicate in your application if you have unpaid absences.

Tax details

‘Tax details’ shows your withholding tax rate with the unemployment
fund. Please note that the withholding tax rate calculated for wages is
increased for the payment of earnings-related allowance and job alternation
compensation. The minimum withholding rate is 25%. If you wish, you can obtain
a revised tax card that has been calculated for benefits. The withholding tax
rate calculated for benefits will not be increased.