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Benefits paid shows you the
payment history for the benefits we have paid. In the Corrections section,
you can see if corrections have been retrospectively made in the processing of
your allowance, e.g. recovery of payments or additional payments. 

Decisions displays the
decisions we have issued. If a decision has not been read within 7 (seven)
days, we will also send it to you by mail.

Days paid shows the
accumulation of days of earnings-related allowance in the maximum payment
period calculator.

Statements lists the labour
policy statements issued by the Employment and Economic Development Office.

the section Activity monitoring, you
can check the start date of your current activity monitoring period, whether
your activity requirement has been fulfilled in the monitoring period, and how
many days have been spent of the monitoring period. You will also see the
exclusion periods if your activity is not monitored for some reason (e.g. if
you receive a sickness allowance based on incapacity for work or disability).
You will also see any past activity monitoring periods. 

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