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Applying for mobility allowance

Mobility allowance is applied for in writing from the unemployment fund. The allowance must be applied for within 3 months of the start of employment or work-related training. Mobility allowance is applied for with one application, there are no follow-up applications.

We recommend that you use our Openetti service for applying for mobility allowance. If you want to print out a form, go to the Forms section of our website.

If you have not received earnings-related allowance before the start of your employment or work-related training, please send your unemployment fund your earnings-related allowance application and your mobility allowance application. See Applying for earnings-related allowance.

Attach a copy of your employment contract, or similar account of the terms of your employment, to the mobility allowance application. If you are applying for the allowance on the basis of training that is related to your employment, please send us an account of this as an attachment to your application.