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Amount of mobility allowance

The amount of mobility payment is EUR 34,50 per day (year 2022) and is considered taxable income. See Taxation of benefits.

A child increase may be added to the mobility allowance. A child increase is paid for children in your care that are under the age of 18 years. Child increase is EUR 5.41 per day for one child, EUR 7.95 for two children and EUR 10.25 for three or more children (year 2022).

Child increase is determined by how many children you have in your care at the start of the mobility allowance period. The amount of child increase does not change during the allowance period.

Mobility allowance is paid with an increase if the place of work or training is located over 200 kilometres away from your place of residence. If you have moved due to work or training, the allowance is paid with an increase if the distance is over 200 kilometres from your place of residence before your move. The increased component is EUR 4.91 per day.