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Progress of application processing 24.7 – 30.7.2023

During week 30, the processing of applications proceeded well again, and the number of applications received by the fund was also lower than in the previous week

During the period 24.7.2023 – 30.7.2023, the fund received fewer applications than in the perevious week, a total of 727 applications. Approximately 1060 applications were paid and 178 applications were postponed for further clarification.

The amount of arrived, processed and applications that went to wait for further clarification during the week 30. Also current processing situation
Progress of application processing during the week 30

Some of the daily allowance applicants will start a new job in August. We have published a news article on our websitw where we have given instructions if you start working full-time or part-time. We recommend to read the news if the matter is topical for you. You can access the news from the button below.

On Tuesday 1.8.2023 we have started to process first applications that were received on 27.7.2023 and follow-up applications that were received on 28.7.2023.

Please remember to check Openetti to see if we have sent you a letter requesting additional information. This is especially advisable if your application should have already been processed.

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