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Progress of application processing 17.7 – 23.7.2023

During week 29, the processing of applications progressed well, as approximately 1400 applications were processed.

During the period 17.7.2023 – 23.7.2023, the fund received fewer earnings-related daily allowance applications than in the previous week, a total of 1117 applications. A staggering 1401 applications were processed.

209 applications went to wait for further clarification, so please check Openetti to see if we are waiting for additional information for your application.

The amount of arrived, processed and applications waiting for further information during week 29, and the genral processing situation
Progress of application processing during week 29

In processing first applications, we have moved to applications received on 12.7.2023 and follow-up applications to applications received on 16.7.2023. The general processing situation is indicated on the front page of our website, where we updte the information regularly. You can check the status of your own application in Openetti.