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Progress of application processing 19.6 – 25.6.2023

During week 25, we received considerably fewer applications than in the week before

A total of 873 applications were received between 19.6.2023 and 25.6.2023, which is almost half as many as in the previous week. Last week, 715 applications were paid.

At the moment we are processing first applications received on 14.6.2023 and follow-up applications received on 20.6.2023. The largest number of applications has arrived on days 12-13.6.2023, so we have already started processing all applications received on those days.

Progress of application processing during 19-25.6.2023
Application processing 19.-25.6.2023

Please note that if your application is in the “waiting for additional information” status in Openetti and if you cannot find a letter requesting additional information in Openetti, this is most likely due to the fact that the letter requesting additional information will not appear until the day after it was sent. Therefore, if your application is waiting for further information and you do not see the letter requesting additional information, check the situation the next morning. In this case, the letter requesting additional information should already appear in Openetti.

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