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A large number of applications arrived at the fund between 19 June 2022 and 26 June 2022.
A total of just under 1,300 first applications were received, of which about 70% arrived on the days of 19-20 June 2022. The days 19-20 June 2022 are thus significantly higher than usual in terms of the number of applications. It is worth noting that once we have started to process the applications received on 19 June 2022, the application dates will proceed more slowly in the processing follow-up than usual.
Around 350 follow-up applications were received between 19 June and 26 June 2022.
Last week, a large number of applications were also processed, 1,000pc in total.

Progress of application handling
On Monday morning, 27 June 2022, we processed the first and follow-up applications received on 13 June 2022. You can check from our website the date of applications we are currently processing (based on the day of arrival).