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Applying for layoff period

Fill in your working hours or other
activity by editing the application form’s Application period information –section. Here you must first choose what you have done during the application
period, and by pressing Continue you are directed to fill in the calendar
section accurately for each specific day. If you do not choose any activity for
even one of the days, it is not possible to send the application.

If you have
chosen ”employed”, you must fill in the working hours on this work day. It is
not possible to mark 00:00 as your work hours. On the days during which you
have not worked, but have not been laid off either, you can choose the option
”unemployed”. If you do not wish to mark ”unemployed”, it is possible to choose
on the first part x other reason, what? and write ”day off”. This way the
option ”day off” will appear on the calendar section as a selectable option.

Example: You have been laid off in
two parts, first Wed 13.1.2021 to Fri 15.1.2021 and then Mon 18.1.2021 to Tue
19.1.2021. Fill in your application for whole full calendar weeks, from Mon
11.1.2021 to Sun 24.1.2021, even though in reality you are only applying for
these days you have been laid off. Outside of your lay off, Mon 11.1.2021 to
Tue 12.1.2021 and Wed 20.1.2021 to Fri 24.12.2021 you have been working.
Therefore, fill in your working hours on the appropriate days. If you have no
work during the weekends, technically easiest is just to choose the option
”unemployed” for these days you have been off from work. If you wish, you can
fill in the other reason ”day off”.

Apply for earnings-related allowance
retrospectively within three months at the latest. Even in the event of a
layoff, a waiting period is set before the entitlement to an
earnings-related allowance begins.

If you start receiving pay for
your notice period, you should inform the unemployment fund of this
immediately. You should also inform the unemployment fund if you have
already been paid an earnings-related allowance due to the layoff, but
the layoff is cancelled or you receive pay for the layoff period
retroactively for some other reason.