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Applying for earnings-related allowance

When you become unemployed, you should register as a jobseeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) no later than on the first day of your unemployment. Be sure to keep your jobseeker status valid. The unemployment fund can only pay an allowance for the period during which your job search was valid.The allowance is applied for online via our Openetti service. You can print out a paper application form in the Forms section.

Note! Akava House is closed during the period 1.7.2022 – 31.7.2022, so
applications cannot be submitted to the lobby service during this
period. Applications can be submitted via Openetti or by mail.

When do I fill
out the application?

You can
submit your first application to the fund two full calendar weeks (Mon–Sun)
after becoming unemployed. If your first day of unemployment is, for example,
Thursday of week no. 22, you can submit your first application to the fund from
that Thursday until Sunday of week no. 24.

If you have
been laid off, please fill in your application for at least one full calendar
week from Monday to Sunday, even if you are, for example, applying only for one
layoff day. More information about layoffs can be found here.

applications can be submitted to the fund for four-calendar-week or one-month
periods. Earnings-related allowance must be applied for within three months of
the first date on which you wish it to be paid.

Application attachments

We receive
information about the salary and employment from the incomes register starting
from 1.1.2020. Basically, you do not need to send us payslips or pay
certificates anymore. However, if the register does not have the relevant
information about your salary and employment, we will ask this information from
your accountant or from you. If you get paid holiday pay or holiday compensation, submitting a pay certificate can speed up the processing time of the application. Please read more on fund ‘s website, in which
case we usually have to ask for more information about your salary.

In what circumstances is the information held in the Incomes Register not enough?

You can
also submit your pay certificate or payslips from the 26 weeks prior to the
beginning of your unemployment when sending your application.

Most common
attachments to the application / first application

  • termination/layoff notice or other account
    of changes in working time, e.g. change to part-time employment
  •  employment contract
  •  decision on simultaneous pension or other
    benefit and the last notification of the amount of the benefit

         form for reporting child home care
allowance received by the family

  •  the latest tax decision for a part-time
  •  your employer’s certificate showing your
    actual weekly working hours (weekly working hours report,     printable from the
    section Forms), if you have fulfilled your employment condition as a part-time
    hourly teacher whose wages have been paid according to the hours taught. A
    separate weekly working hours report should be completed for each employment


Most common
attachments to the application / follow-up

  • employment contract and teacher information
    sheet for part-time or occasional work. If you don’t have a written employment
    contract, send an account of the terms of your employment
  •  an account of changes in child home care
    allowance and other benefits, if conditions change

Instructions for a follow-up application

technical instructions on filling out the application form, please visit our

unemployment fund processes the applications in the order of arrival. Please
note that incomplete applications and missing attachments will delay the
processing of both an individual application and all applications!

Reporting working hours on the application

You must report on the application all working hours you have completed during the application period even if the income received from the work is below the standard entitlement. Income received from part-time work or occasional work (full-time employment lasting not more than two weeks) is taken into account in the daily allowance primarily in accordance with the time of the payment date. However, you must report your working hours on the application for follow-up of the employment condition, even if the salary is paid later. You can enter employers on the application,
specified by employer. The application provides different lines by employer,
where you can enter the work for different employers for the same day on
different lines.

If the salary is paid for a longer period than a month, the income will basically be divided to affect on the application period and as many following months accordingly. Situations when you have been laid-off reducing the weekly working hours and you are doing part-time work or a short term work, are still adjusted according to the time when the working hours actually have been done.

For more information about reporting working hours on the application. Notice that you do not need to enter working hours completed as self-employed on your application.