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Progress of application processing 10.7 – 16.7.2023

During week 28, the processing of applications progressed again at a good pace, and more than 1000 applications were processed.

During the period 10.7. – 16.7.2023, the fund received a large number of earnings-related daily allowance applications, a total of 1484. A fine number of applications were processed for the fee, a total of 1045 applications.

Last week, 183 applications were postponed pending further clarification, so please check Openetti again to see if we have sent you a request for additional information.

Progress of application processing 10.7.2023  - 16.7.2023

Today, Tuesday 18.7.2023, we are processing first applications that have arrived 7.7.2023 and follow-up applications that have arrived 8.7.2023 to the fund.