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employment relationship may include
time when
work and
pay are
temporarily interrupted during
school holidays. In
unemployment security, these periods
are referred
to as
periods comparable to

A person in
full-time employment can also
apply for
unemployment benefit for periods
comparable to a lay-off. Unpaid
periods must be
mentioned in the employment contract and the
matter must have
been agreed
upon already
at the beginning of the employment
relationship. However, if
the employment
contract does not
mention these unpaid
periods, unemployment benefit cannot
be paid
for the school’s vacation

Earnings-related unemployment allowance can
be paid
for the
period comparable to a lay-off either
full or
adjusted, depending on
the full-time or part-time
nature of your
employment relationship. If you
are not
sure whether
you are
entitled to the
benefit, we recommend
that you
submit an application to the fund.
This allows
us to
check your
entitlement to the daily
allowance. Please note
that the validity of
the job search is
an absolute
prerequisite for the payment
of earnings-related
unemployment allowance.

Applyin for the allowance for unpaid autumn leave

Unpaid autumn leave in
part-time employment

If your employment
relationship is part-time,
you have
probably applied for
adjusted earnings-related unemployment allowance from
the very
beginning of the employment
relationship. In this
case, continue
to apply for earnings-related
allowance according to
your normal
application rhythm (four
weeks or
a month).
The wages
you receive will be taken into account in
the payment of earnings-related
unemployment allowance for the
entire application and adjustment period. However,
if you apply for daily
allowance only for
the autumn holiday, the
wages paid
during the entire adjustment
period will be taken into account in
the payment of the daily


Unpaid autumn leave in full-time

The right to
earnings-related unemployment allowance can
only arise
from a period comparable
to a
lay-off, so you
can only
submit an application
for an
unpaid autumn holiday
week. Submit
the application
for the
entire calendar week
(Mon-Sun). We need
your employment
contract and a weekly
hourly report as an attachment to
the application.

The weekly hourly report
must be
submitted for the 26
weeks preceding
the application period that
meets the
employment condition or,
if the employment relationship
has lasted
less time,
submit a weekly
hourly report from
the beginning of the employment
relationship. You can
submit a weekly
hourly report written by the
employer, or you
can fill
in the
weekly hour report
yourself. You can
find the
weekly hour report
form on
our website
under Help and Support -> Forms.
Fill in
the weekly
hour report
carefully so that
the hours you have reported
match the
wages paid.