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In the summer, a
large number of applications arrive to the Fund, and our telephone service is
also congested from time to time. Before calling the telephone service, we
recommend reading this article, where we have compiled general questions asked
in telephone service during summer. You may thus avoid queuing for a telephone

You can also
reach us through Openetti Messages. We will reply to messages within three
working days.


When can I send my first application?

As a general rule, the first application can be submitted when there are at least two full calendar weeks of unemployment. However, an exception has been made to this during the summer, so that if your employment relationship has ended on 4 June 2022, you can submit the first application as early as 13 June 2022. In this case, the application must be from the
period 5 June 2022 to 13 June 2022 (six working days).

If you have worked part-time and applied for adjusted daily allowance during the employment relationship, continue to apply for daily allowance according to your normal application rhythm even after the employment relationship has ended.


attachments are needed?

All the necessary
attachments will only become clear when the application is processed, as the
situations of the applicants vary greatly. However, the most common attachments
that we need are:

If you have been
paid holiday bonus/allowance at the end of your employment relationship,
submitting this payslip may speed up the processing of the application
. You can
read in our article where in other situations the submission of payslips can
speed up processing.


What’s the
status of my application?

You can check the
front page of our website to see what day we are currently processing
applications. Unfortunately, even in the telephone service, we cannot give a
more accurate estimate of the date on which your application will be processed.
The processing time is inevitably influenced, for example, by the number of
applications received by the Fund on the day.

You can check Openettis Application
processing status -section to
see what the status of your application is (arrived, waiting for further
clarification, ready or archived).

Do I lack
membership fees? How can I pay the missing membership fees?

If you belong to
the Fund through a trade union, the membership fee of the unemployment fund is
included in the membership fee of the union. Unfortunately, we cannot advise
on union membership fees. If you have any questions about your membership fees,
please contact
your trade union’s member
service directly.
 This also applies to union members who pay
their membership fees themselves.  Also
trade union membership services (e.g. OAJ) can be congested, so please wait for
an answer.

If you are an
individual member of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund (and you are not a member
of the union), you can contact the fund about membership fees. The majority
of individual members’ membership fee bills for 2022 were sent on 15 February
 However, if you have not
received a membership fee invoice, please contact us via Openetti messages.


Why has the
income from work been adjusted when my employment has already ended?

Wages for
part-time work (working hours up to 80% of full-time employee’s working time)
or full-time work lasting up to two weeks are adjusted. Holiday bonuses and
allowances are also adjusted in these cases.

The revenue
shall be adjusted if the pay date of the salary is during the adjustment
Therefore, even
if the working hours have already stopped, the income from work can be adjusted
if the payment date is during the adjustment period. The adjustment period to
be set for the applicant shall be examined in connection with the processing of
the application.

Example: The
person has worked 78% working time in an employment relationship that ends on 4
June 2022. The person applies for earnings-related allowance starting from 5
June 2022. The person will be paid the last salary for the employment
relationship on 15 June 2022. This salary is adjusted because the pay date is during
the person’s adjustment period.