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At the beginning of the summer, a large number of earnings-related allowance applications arrive at the fund. In order to make the sending and processing of applications as smooth as possible, it is advisable to read these instructions on how to apply for earnings-related allowance.

Applying for daily allowance during the summer

1. Registration as an unemployed job seeker
Register as an unemployed job seeker at the TE Office no later than on your first day of unemployment. Registration can be done easily through the E-services of TE services.
2. Sending the first application
Send the first application to the fund at the earliest when unemployment has lasted for two full calendar weeks (Mon-Sun). Example: if the employment relationship ends on 4 June 2022, submit the first application no earlier than 19 June 2022 from the period 5 June 2022 to 19 June 2022.
If the application period has a payday, it must always be reported in the application. The pay date must also be reported if the employment relationship has already ended and there are no more working hours during the application period.
If you have working hours during the application period, be sure to report the working hours in the application. Instructions on how to report working hours can be found in the “Help and support” section of our website.
If you have been working part-time and have applied for adjusted daily allowance for the duration of the employment relationship, continue to apply for earnings-related allowance according to your normal application rhythm.
3. Attachments
Check our website for a more comprehensive list of the most commonly needed attachments. However, here are a few attachments, the delivery of which is often important during the summer:
 – the employment contract for the finished work, if the Incomes Register does not present employment data with sufficient accuracy (e.g. agreed working hours, hiring criteria, job function, duration of employment and whether the employment relationship has been fixed-term or permanent).
 – a weekly hourly report for the 26 weeks preceding unemployment if your working hours have varied (e.g. hourly paid teaching). You can find the weekly hourly survey form on our website under Forms.
– if you are paid holiday bonus/allowance, the submission of the payslip can significantly speed up the processing of the application. You can read more in our article on where in other situations the submission of payslips can speed up processing

4. Follow-up application
You can submit a follow-up application even if the first application has not yet been processed. Submit a follow-up application no earlier than four calendar weeks or a month after the last day of the first application.
Example: if the first application is from 5 June 2022 to 19 June 2022, submit a follow-up application for the period 20 June 2022 – 17 July 2022 (4weeks) or 20 June 2022 – 19 July 2022 (month). The one-month application period must be used, for example, if you work part-time during the application period, you have a business income to adjust, or if you have a social benefit deducted from the earnings-related allowance (e.g. child home care allowance). However, the application handler examines which application rhythm is best suited to your situation.
5. In the autumn, at the beginning of new work
If you start a new full-time job in the autumn, apply for earnings-related allowance until the start of work. Check the date on which the pay for the employment relationship starts and apply for earnings-related allowance until the previous day. Remember to notify the TE Office of the start of the work as well.
If you start working part-time in the autumn, you can continue to apply for adjusted earnings-related allowance according to the application rhythm that was used in the summer. Attach the employment contract to the application.