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Employment relationship may include unpaid time during
schools holiday season. This type of an unpaid period is called a period
comparable to a layoff. A situation comparable to a temporary layoff is a
situation in which work is suspended and no salary is paid due to a reason
stated in the employment contract. This is determined by a clause in the
employment contract.

situations comparable to a temporary layoff, you will be paid a full or
adjusted daily allowance as in the case of any actual temporary layoff. How you
should apply for daily allowance for your winter holiday, for example, depends
on whether you are in part-time or full-time employment.

Part-time employment and unpaid winter holiday

If you are working part-time and have already applied
for daily allowance from the fund, you can carry on with your applications as
usual. When determining your adjusted daily allowance, the salary you received
from part-time work will be taken into account for the whole month in which
your salary was paid.  Please mark the
unpaid time in your application. You can choose unemployed-option for the winter

Be sure to keep your jobseeker status active

Full-time employment and unpaid winter holiday

If you are in full-time employment, you are only
entitled to daily allowance for the period comparable to a temporary layoff.
You may only apply for daily allowance for that unpaid period. Please fill up
the application until Sunday.

This unpaid
period must be mentioned in your employment contract. When you apply, submit a
copy of your employment contract to the fund if you have not already done so.
You should also submit a report of your weekly working hours with your
application. Make sure that your jobseeker status is kept active at the TE