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During the spring of 2022 there have been strike notices
throughout Finland. The negotiations are still going on.

If the payment of salary stops, you can get strike benefit from your trade
union. Unemployment fund doesn’t pay strike benefits. If you are prevented from
working because of the strike that aims to affect your employment conditions,
you aren’t entitled to earnings-related allowance.

However, there are some situations in which the unemployment fund can pay
earnings-related allowance during the strike.  The allowance can be paid, if:

In the situations mentioned above, it’s important to register
as a jobseeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). In the labour policy statement, that the
TE Office gives to the unemployment fund, must be mentioned that the working is
prevented because of the strike. The unemployment fund determines if the strike
isn’t aiming to affect the members employment conditions.

If you have further questions about the possible strike, we recommend
to read ”Frequently asked questions regarding the strike” on OAJ homepage.