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Parliament has approved an amendment to
the law. According to this law, the temporary changes in unemployment security
regarding waiting period and part-time entrepreneurships income come into force
again. The unemployment
benefit to which the applicant is entitled to (adjusted or full) is paid
during also the waiting period. The temporary amendment applies to all applicants of
unemployment benefit whose first day of the waiting period is between 1 January
and 28 February

Other Legislative change concerns about self-employed
persons, whose business has suffered by the coronavirus epidemic. Self-employed
persons can receive labour market subsidy from Kela if their business income
has decreased as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. This amendment will
remain in force until 28 February 2022.

Third legislative amandment concerns about entrepreneur’s own notification about
business income. The temporary amendment makes it possible to take part-time
entrepreneurship income into account on a monthly basis according to the entrepreneur’s
own bookkeeping on income and expenses during 1 January to 28 February. Usually
we take business income into account based on applicants last confirmed
taxation. From the beginning of March we use again the latest confirmed tax