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COVID-19 -pandemic
is still going strong and in some cases it may cause changes in employment
contracts. For example, in some adult education centres, the spring term may
start later or the work may shift to distance working. The working hours may
also increase if new courses take place or on the other hand, the working hours
may reduce if courses are cancelled. How to act in these situations?

beginning of the employment contract is delayed after Christmas break. How to
report this to the fund?

In most cases, this situation is comparable to layoff if
your employment contract is valid the whole schoolyear.  When you send an application to the fund, attach
a report written by the employer that clarifies:

Notice that the job search needs to be valid during the
whole time comparable to layoff and also after that if you are working part-time.
You cannot claim an earnings-related allowance if you are not registered as an
unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office.

employment contract ended in December and the beginning of the new employmet
contract is delayed. How to report this to the fund?

If the starting day of your new employment contract
changes, send the fund a new corrected contract.

The employment contract needs to inform the new duration of
the employment. Remember to keep your job search valid until the beginnig of
the new job if it is full-time. If the work is part-time, keep the job search valid
during the whole employment contract if you want to apply for the adjusted
earnings related allowance.

you shfting to distance working entirely or partly?

If you shift to distance working entirely, it doesn’t effect
the applying of the allowance. However, if some of the courses are cancelled,
send the fund an updated course plan.

employment contract is valid the whole school year. The working hours are reduced
or increased in January. How to act?

 If the working hours
are reduced due to a ”normal reason”, i.e. there are not enough participants in
the course, you can send an updated course plan to the fund. We examine the change
in the working hours starting from the time of change.

If you get a new employment contract due to a new course,
send the new contract to the fund. If you get a new conrrected employment
contract for the spring, send it to the fund.

Are the
courses cancelled because there are not enough participants?

If the
course in cancelled, report to the fund which courses are cancelled and send an
updated course plan. The updated course plan is always needed if your working hours
are reduced or increased.

contract that has originally been part-time may change to full-time and the
other way around. It is important to inform the fund if there are any changes
in the employment contract or working hours. Earnings-related
allowance is not paid for a period of full-time work of more than two weeks. If
your working hours are reduced to 80% or less of the maximum working time applicable to
full-time employees, remember to register as a jobseeker with the TE office if
you want to apply for an adjusted daily allowance.

 Since the
situations vary a lot, we may need further clarifications in some cases.