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daily allowance, job alternation compensation and mobility allowance are
taxable income.  The Tax Administration provides the fund with our
members’ salary withholding tax information from 1 February. You do not need to
send the tax card you receive to the fund.

You can
obtain a separate revised tax card for benefits. If a tax card for the taxation
of benefits is not available, tax will be withheld in accordance with the Tax
Administration’s guidelines for withholding tax on benefits using a tax card
intended for the taxation of wages. The withholding tax rate is always at least
25 % when using a tax card for wages, even if the tax rate indicated on the tax
card is lower. We have compiled the most common questions related to taxation to this article.

Which tax
withholding rate will you use in January 2022?

When paying
out benefits in January 2022, we will apply the same tax withholding rate as in
December 2021. However, the annual accrual will be reset, in other words, we
will apply the basic rate.

Do I need to
send you my tax card?

We will receive your original tax card information for
salary income
for 2022 directly from the Tax Administration. The new tax
rate will come into effect on 1 February 2022. You will not need to send the
tax card you receive at home automatically to the Unemployment Fund.

When the tax information does not come automatically to the

Tax information is obtained from the Tax Administration on
the basis of membership. If you joined at the end of the year or later,
please check whether we have received the information on your tax withholding
rate directly. The most convenient way to check this is on Openetti, under
“Personal information – Tax Data”. If there is no tax data, please order a
revised tax card for earnings-related allowance on MyTax.

What is my
tax withdrawal rate?

In 2021, the tax withholding rate of
salary will be applied to earnings-related allowance, mobility allowance and
job alternation compensation. The rate will always be at least 25 per cent

If you provide the unemployment fund with a revised tax card determined for
, tax is withheld accordingly. Note that
your tax withdrawal rate is also affected by the annual income threshold
on your tax card. On exceeding the threshold, we will apply the
higher rate. 

How to I obtain a revised tax card for benefits?

The fastest
way to get a new tax card is to order one on the electronic service of the Tax
Administration, MyTax, at The information of a revised
tax card ordered for a social benefit in the service is usually available for
us on the next business day. When you order a tax card, please select Teachers’
UF (Opettajien Tk) as the payer of the benefit. If you do so, the information
will be submitted to the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund automatically, and you
will not need to submit your tax card separately. If you order a revised tax
card for a social benefit in another manner, please send it to us on Openetti
or by mail. Learn more about MyTax. More information on the taxation
of benefits paid by us is available on the website of the Tax Administration at