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We have
sent (2.9.2021) the membership fee reminders concerning individual membership
fees in 2021. The payment date is 24.9.2021. You must pay the entire fee at the
same time.

If you have
joined in one of our membership union or want to resign from the fund, you do
not need to pay the reminder fee.  However,
you do need to inform us about your situation in writing. Please see the instructions on our homepage how to
inform the fund about changes.

Individual membership
fee must be paid until the end of your membership.  We will send you a new fee if necessary.

We have
updated our webpage concerning the information about being expelled from the
fund. In addition to this, there is also a web form which can be used if you
have been expelled from the trade union. This form is at the moment only in Finnish.
Please notice that your trade union cannot expel you from the fund.

You can report a union dismissal here.