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From which date does my full-time
employment begin?

Your full-time employment begins on
the date from which you receive a salary based on your full-time work. For this
reason, we may ask you to provide a copy of your employment
contract/commission/decision on being accepted for a public office, as this
document specifies the first date of your employment or public service
relationship and, hence, the date from which you will be paid. This is
especially relevant for teaching work at educational institutions. Inform in
the application, when your full-time job starts (wage payment begins).


SS starts work as a classroom teacher. The first day of employment is on 11 August,
but the salary is paid from 1 August . SS is not entitled to an unemployment
allowance between 1 and 10 August.

If you are unsure, when your wage
payment starts, check it from your work contract or from your employer. You can
apply benefit until your full-time job starts. You can modify application
period information by pressing Edit button in the upper-right corner of
Information for the application period. Submit an application for a shorter
period. If you fill in an application for a period shorter than the normal
application period of four calendar weeks or a month, the programme will ask
for the reason for a deviating application period. Select–> start a
full-time job lasting more than 2 weeks.

Starting a part-time job

If you are starting a part-time job in August, you can  apply in a normal way.  Application period is
4 weeks or one month. Please send a copy of your work contract to the fund. At
the start of a part-time job, fund can change application period  more suitable for applicant.

Keep your job search valid at the TE office. We recommend
keeping your job search in place even if there is uncertainty about the working
hours in your job (part-time or full-time job), or if the situation may change.
This way you avoid any potential loss of benefits.