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Some of the TE Office’s tasks
concerning certain customer groups will be transferred to the municipality via
legislation in connection with the local government trial on employment. The
trial will start on 1 March 2021 and end on 30 June 2023.

The customers of the local
government trial on employment may include:

persons who are not entitled to earnings-related allowance

Persons who
are under 30 years of age

or people who speak a foreign language

Some jobseekers who belong to
these customer groups will still continue as TE Office’s customers.

If your account is transferred
from the TE Office to the municipality, either the TE Office or the local
government trial in your area will inform you of the transfer. This does not
require any action from you. If you continue as a TE Office’s customer, there
will be no separate notification.

Registration as an unemployed
jobseeker will continue to take place through the TE Office.

If you are informed that your
services are transferred to the municipality, you must follow the
municipality’s instructions and employment plans and participate in meetings
organised by the municipality. The municipality is the new operator on behalf
of the TE Office. You can also get advice related to your job search from the
municipality. You can apply for earnings-related allowance normally. The TE
Office’s E-services are still available to you, which allow you to communicate
with the municipality.

The aim of the local
government trial is to promote the employment of unemployed jobseekers. The aim
is, among other things, to develop services that support employment.

For more information about the local government trial, please contact TE
Office.  More information you can find here.

For more detailed information,
see also the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment