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Benefits linked to the
national pensions index will be raised by 0.4 %. in the year 2021. This
affects the value of basic unemployment allowance and as well as the
earnings-related unemployment allowance.

The basic unemployment allowance and the labour market
subsidy will increase to EUR 33.78 per day (from EUR 32,66 in 2020).  The  child increase for one child will rise to EUR
5.30, the increase for two children to EUR 7.78 and the increase for at least
three children to EUR 10.03. The increase will take effect on 1 January 2021.

When caluculating your allowance, the employee’s pension
contribution (TyEL) (4,34 % in 2021) is deducted from the salary. TyEL deduction
is 4,14 % in 2020.  This deduction will effect
your allowance, if  your allowance will
be re-calculated or calculated for the first time in 2021.

You can see the updatet benefits for the year 2021 from here.