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application forms will be renewed as of 9 November 2020. The aim is to
facilitate and clarify the application process. In particular, payment-based
adjustment has shown that our current application forms do not fully serve the
needs of our members. This change of course requires some learning from us
all, and we are happy to receive feedback on the new application forms.

The first thing the applicant will notice is that the separate form options
have been removed. You no
longer need to know which form to use for an application. In the future, the
application can be filled in through Openetti’s front page. Openetti
automatically identifies whether it is a first or follow-up application. In
addition, Openetti guides in the filling of the
application so that the sections to be filled in are formed based on your previous answers.

For example, if you have
done more than been unemployed during your application period, you can
select several different situations for the same application period, such as
“unemployed”, “employed” and “in training”. The
working hours are filled in specified by employer, and the applicant no longer
needs to remember to report work by different employers separately in the additional information. In
addition, the application always asks if the payment date of wages is
known.  If you don’t know the payment
date yet, you can give an estimate of an upcoming payment date.

Another welcome change is that it is possible to
submit the next application, even though the first application has not yet been
processed and paid. If the first application has been submitted for the period
5–18 October 2020 (two full calendar weeks after the start of unemployment),
you can fill in a follow-up application for the period 19 October – 15 November
2020 at the earliest on 15 November 2020, regardless of whether the previous
application has already been processed. As stated, the system identifies the
follow-up application and offers a more limited form for completion.

Finally, we would like
to remind you that the purpose of the new application form is to speed up and
clarify the application process.  If you
need help filling in your application, we are here to help you. You can first
read the instructions in Openetti and the Openetti instructions on the fund’s
website. The new instructions will be updated on the page on 9 November 2020.
You can also contact us using the Messages function.