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The Tax Administration provides the fund with our members’ salary withholding tax information from 1 February 2020. You do not need to send us your tax card which has arrived to you by post.
In 2020 the tax withholding rate of salary will be applied to benefits. The rate will be at least 25% even the tax withholding rate of salary is lower than this.
If you wish, you can order a revised tax card for benefits in the online tax service MyTax and the tax will be withheld according to the rate on this card. Fund will receive your new tax card at the earliest on the next working day.
If you have become a member at the end of the year or later, please check whether we have received the information on your tax withholding rate directly, in Openetti. If there is no tax data, please order a revised tax card on MyTax.
When we are paying benefits on January 2020, we will use the same withholding rate as in December 2019. The annual accrual will be reset, in other words, we will apply the basic rate.