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Fund will
receive information about the salary and employment from the incomes register
starting from 1.1.2020. This means that we will receive primarily information
about the salary from the register. Basically, you do not need to send us payslips or pay certificates with the applications anymore. However, we do
recommend you to send payslips with the applications to us in the beginning of
the year.  This way we can avoid delays
in the processing of the applications because of the new system.

It is employer’s
choice how much information it informs about your salary and your employment to
the register.  Employer can use either lower
level or greater level of detail in reporting the income.  Lower level means that salary has been
reported without any differentiation and greater level means that salary has
been informed more closely.  Employer can
also inform voluntary information about for example absences or about the
earning periods.

notice that, if the register does not have the relevant information about your salary
and employment, we are not able to process the application. In this situation
we will ask more information from your accountant or you about your salary and
employment.  In other words, the employer’s
decision how much information it reports to the register can have an impact on
the processing time.  

forms will change in the beginning of the year because of the incomes register.