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If you work in a family business in the
above-mentioned manner without ownership or controlling interest in the
company, you will be considered as a wage-earner in the unemployment security
as of 1 July 2019. Previously, you were considered as an entrepreneur even
though you have not had ownership in the company.

Therefore, an entrepreneur’s family member who belongs
to an entrepreneur’s unemployment fund is encouraged to transfer to a
wage-earner’s unemployment fund as of 1
July 2019
. If you have been a member of an entrepreneur’s unemployment
fund, you can bring your fully accumulated employment condition with you to the
wage-earner’s unemployment fund based on the so-called post-protection
principle. The prerequisite is that you join the new fund within one (1) month
from the time you resign from the previous fund.

However, the employment condition for an
entrepreneur’s family member with no ownership is longer than that of other
wage-earners. The employment condition is 52
as a member of a wage-earner’s fund during the past 28-month review
period. As an additional requirement, at the time when the employment condition
is fulfilled, you shall not have had ownership or controlling interest in the
company during the previous 12 months.

The general provisions of a wage-earner’s employment condition are
applied to the working time and salary, in which case the main rule is that the
working time must be at least 18 hours per calendar week and the salary must be
in accordance with the collective agreement. The 52-week employment condition
for the entrepreneur’s family member with no ownership and the 26-week
employment condition for other wage-earners cannot be combined.