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  1. Apply for adjusted earnings-related allowance according to the employer’s salary payment schedule either monthly or in periods of four calendar weeks.
  2. In the calendar section of the application, enter all working days and hours done during the application period.

    We need the information for monitoring the employment condition and activity. If the 26-week employment condition is fulfilled again and if a waiting period will also be set, entering working hours according to the time of the work is important. Meeting the activity requirements according to the active model is also assessed in real time. 

  3. In the ”Additional information” section of the form, enter the estimated salary payment date, job title and the employer’s name.
  4. Please attach a copy of the employment contract for part-time employment and full-time employment lasting over two weeks to the application for the application period during which the job begins.
  5. Also attach a copy of the pay slip for all working hours paid during the application period.

    The salary may have been paid for hours of work that you have already done earlier but will be adjusted according to the date of payment for the application period during which the salary was paid. Working time tracking is also performed for hours of work on the basis of which the salary was paid during the application period. 

Further information: Adjusted earnings-related allowance