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We will automatically send a letter to all our members who have been paid unemployment benefit by the unemployment fund during 2019.

Payment-based adjustment is used for part-time work, full-time work lasting up to two (2) weeks and temporary lay-offs that have been implemented by shortening the daily working hours.

In the past, wages received by a part-time or short-term unemployed person affected the unemployment benefit in the period during which the work was carried out. However, in order to calculate the amount of the adjusted daily allowance for the earning period, it has been necessary to wait for the salary payment for the applicant of daily allowance. This has delayed the payment of the benefit for applicants who do not receive their salary and salary information until weeks after the work was carried out. 

From 1 April 2019, the delay in processing an application due to the salary payment date will be eliminated. The salary paid for work affects the unemployment benefit during the daily allowance’s application period in accordance with the applicant’s salary payment date.

Example: If you are partly employed in May and your wages are paid in June, your earnings-related allowance in May can be paid in the usual manner in full. When paying the earnings-related allowance for June, we will take into account the wages paid in June (i.e. for the work carried out in May). 

There will be no change in the monitoring of activity or employment condition, as the weeks that fulfil activity and employment will be taken into account based on when the work is done.

The below diagram illustrates how the payment for the earnings-related allowance for part-time work will change after 1 April 2019.
Further information is also available at: Adjusted daily allowance changes in early April (in Finnish)