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According to the change in the Act on Unemployment Security that entered into force at the beginning of the year, short-term and part-time studies now count towards the activity requirement.

Part-time studies are taken into account if the activity monitoring period ended on 31 December 2018, or after. 

Short-term studies have been taken into account from 31 December 2018, so last year’s short-term studies do not count towards activity. 

The TE Office may already have issued a labour policy statement on part-time studies, but it is possible that very small-scale studies have not been reported. You should always report your studies in your application so that the unemployment fund can check if the requirement has been met. 

Further information: Viime vuonna suoritetut sivutoimiset opinnot voidaan tietyissä tilanteissa lukea aktiivisuusedellytykseen (in Finnish)