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Check if you are entitled to earnings-related allowance by following these steps: 

If you apply to us for earnings-related allowance only for your winter holiday: 

Before your unpaid winter holiday begins

1. If you are not yet familiar with our e-services, Openetti, we recommend that you start using them. Instructions on how to use Openetti are available at: Openetti vanha
2. Check that your contact details on Openetti and the e-mail address to be used during your unemployment are correct. Once your details have been updated and correct, you will receive our bulletins and instructions. 
3. Register as an unemployed job seeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) for your unpaid period. Further information on registration: and the employment administration’s national telephone service Jobline 0295 025 500 (in Finnish), 0295 025 510 (in Swedish)
4. Check your trade union’s member registry to see if the membership fee deduced from your salary will cover the winter holiday month. For links to trade unions’ websites, see the section Member unions.
5. Check our website for instructions on application attachments. The section that applies to you: 
a. Applying for an earnings-related allowance/I am being laid off, subsection: My layoff is split into several periods; or 
b. Applying for an earnings-related allowance/I am being laid off, subsection: Part-time or I have other work during the layoff period.
After your unpaid winter holiday is over

1. When the winter holiday period ends, fill in the application for your winter holiday period only. 
a. If you use the Openetti service, check the Openetti instructions on our website to ensure that you are using the correct application function. 
b. If you want to send your application by post, you can print it out in the Forms section of our website. 
2. Check the instructions on attachments to make sure that you have included everything. 
a. You can also use the Openetti service to submit only attachments by using the Attachment files without applications section. 
3. Send your application to us at the unemployment fund through the Openetti service, or by post (our contact information is available on our website). 

If you find a part-time job and apply for an adjusted earnings-related allowance from us for the period you spend teaching as well: 

1) The unpaid period will not change your application rhythm. Keep applying for allowance in the normal rhythm, i.e. for each calendar month. 

2) Remember that we can process your application only after you have sent us your payslips for the month which the application concerns. If your salary is only paid at the end of the following month, you can wait and send your application after you have received your payslip. 

Other information about allowance applications: 

Please remember that we do not deduct the union membership fee from the allowance. Your union will advise you on the payment of your membership fee. 

You can follow up on the general situation related to our benefits handling on our website, and the status of your own application via Openetti. We will also post updates on Facebook.