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To ensure
processing of applications, between 7-9 February, i.e. from Tuesday to Thursday
on the week 6, we will direct all available personnel into processing of
applications and thus have less staff manning our telephone service. For this
reason, our telephone service may be busy at times.

that the easiest and quickest way you can check the handling status of your
application is from our Openetti service. If your handling status is ”Pending
additional information”, please check what the status of your application is

You can see
our general processing time at our website. There are also instructions on how
to send an application and which attachments are needed.

I apologise
for the inconvenience that this temporary change may cause. We have come to
this conclusion to shorten time consumed to process applications and pay for
the earnings-related unemployment allowance to our members.

Marjaana Maisonlahti

Fund Manager