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Are you already using our online service, Openetti? Openetti is an easy and fuss-free way to apply for your earning-related allowance? Instructions on how to use Openetti are available at:  

Check if you are entitled to earnings-related allowance by following these steps: 

Before your work terminates

1. Check that your contact details on Openetti and the e-mail address to be used during your unemployment are correct. Once your details are updated and correct, you will automatically received our bulletins and instructions. 
2. Inform your trade union’s member registry about the termination of your work and ask for a reduced membership fee. For links to trade unions’ websites, see the section Member unions.

3. Check our website for instructions on application attachments. The sections relevant to you are: 

a. Applying for an earnings-related allowance 
b. One of the following sub-sections:
      • I will become unemployed after fixed-term full-time employment 
      • I will become unemployed from fixed-term part-time employment 

At the latest, when your work terminates

4. Register as an unemployed job seeker with your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) as soon as your work has terminated or you have started to work part-time. Further information on registration: and the employment administration’s national telephone service Jobline 0295 020 713 (starting from 2 January 2017, TE Office’s national telephone service 0295 025 500 in Finnish and 0295 025 510 in Swedish).

If your unemployment has started

New Year is the time to decide on applying for earnings-related allowance from us. The length of your unemployment may determined what is the best option for filing your applications. In the following we have provided examples of application options: 

5. I am unemployment for the Christmas holiday only, e.g. 23 December – 8 January. 
a. Apply for earnings-related allowance afterwards for the entire period. 
6. I will be fully unemployed as of 23 December. I don’t know when and where I will next be employed. 

a. File your first allowance application with us when you have been registered as an unemployed job seeker at the TE Office for two full calendar weeks.
This means your first application will cover the period 23 December – 8 January. 
b. File your following application after 4 full calendar weeks from the end of your first application period. Continue filing applications in the same intervals unless our benefits handler advises you to change the length of your application period. 
7. I will work fewer hours as of November. I will be fully unemployed as of 5 December 2016. 
a. I wish to apply for adjusted earning-related allowance from the date when my working hours are reduced. 
  • Register as a job seeker. 
File your first application until the end of March, and the following applications for each calendar month unless our benefits handler advises you to change the length of your application period. 
b. I wish to apply for full earnings-related allowance only for the period when I am fully unemployed. 
  • Register as a job seeker as of 5 December.
File your first application for 5 December – 18 December and the following applications for 4 calendar weeks at a time. 
You can follow up on the general situation in our benefits handling on our website, and the status of your own application via Openetti. We will also be giving updates on Facebook (