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You can be eligible to receive mobility allowance, if you start a new full-time job in year 2017, and if your travelling time to and from work will exceed three hours per day when you start to work. If your new job is for part-time only, the travelling time must be two hours or more daily. You must start in a new job, but it can be for the same employer you have been working for earlier. 

Your working hours must be on average 18 hours or more per week. Because of this time limit we believe, that our part time employed members in teaching positions cannot benefit from this new allowance as much as we hoped for, but for those members working part time of full time with 18 hours or more per week, the allowance is a possibility. 

You can apply for both mobility allowance and adjusted earnings related allowance, if you are part time employed. 

Your employment must be for two months, minimum, in order for you to be eligible for receiving mobility allowance. For employment of minimum two months, mobility allowance can be granted for a 30 day period, 5 days per week. If your employment starts the 1st of March, the period mobility allowance can be granted for, is 1-30.3.2017. The length of allowance varies based on the length of your employment. 

The amount of mobility allowance is 32,40 euros per day, before tax. 

You must be entitled to daily allowance from us, when your job starts, to be able to receive mobility allowance. In practise this means that you must be able to receive full, adjusted or reduced allowance from us for the last day (Monday-Friday) before your job starts, but you can also receive mobility allowance, if the payment of daily allowance is denied because of a suspension period or waiting period. 

Hopefully mobility allowance peaks your interest and you are considering applying for it! We will publish further information and the application form on our web pages as soon as the bill has passed the handling of the parliament completely. This will happen before Christmas, and we shall concentrate specifically on the how-to-apply-for –questions concerning mobility allowance. So do please follow our webpages. This is especially important as in order to be able to draw mobility allowance from us, you must send us your application for it so that we receive it before you start to work.