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Login to Openetti

When you decide
that you want to start using Openetti, please read the instructions on our
website, especially how to log in for the first time.

When you log
in for the first time, it is important that you check your personal contact
information under Membership section of the service. We recommend that you
permit e-mail notifications from us, so do check that your e-mail address is
valid even when unemployed. This way you will receive a notification from us
into your e-mail every time there is a new message, letter or other data for
you to read in Openetti-service.

familiarise yourself with instructions on how to apply for allowance in
Openetti. Pay special attention to how you choose, which application is
appropriate in your situation.

Do not
forget the FAQ about Openetti section on our website. Many of the questions
about Openetti do recur, and into this section we have compiled your questions
and our answers.

on the attachments is not included into Openetti instructions, as these do not
differ whether you apply for the allowance via Openetti or if you prefer to
send your application by mail. Information about the attachments you will find
under the topic “applying for earnings-related allowance” on our website.

We are
happy to help you with any questions about how to use Openetti service. Please
contact us by e-mail asiakaspalvelu(at) or by phone.

Fund manager