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Why use Openetti?

Your appliction will arrive more quickly than than if posted by mail. It is also easy to apply for daily allowance via Openetti – for example, the service helps you fill out the application at the right time. Use of the service is free of charge. 

Are your contact details up to date?

Is your job ending? Check your contact details through the Openetti service. We use the address information there to send notifications in advance or instructions on how to apply for earnings-related daily allowance, for example. Remember to also check that your e-mail address is up to date and working. 

Is Openetti only for filling out applications?

Applying for daily allowance is amongst Openetti´s most freqently used functions. The service offers much more, however. 
When you use Openetti, you receive up-to-date information regarding the processing status of your application. When the application has been processed, you will see the date of payment and the amount of daily allowance that will be paid into your bank account. Openetti also shows previous decisions and information on earnings-related daily allowance and any job alternation compensation that has been paid to you.
If we require further information in order to process your application, Openetti will quickly show you the details we need. You can also easily up date your address and account details yourself. The Messages function enables you to securely send us information concerning your application or questions about the earnings-related allowance.

How can I reduce the amount of paper mail I receive?

Start using the e-letters function in Openetti. Up date the communication section under Member Information in the following manner: choose the option “yes” for both the e-mail reminder and e-letters. You will then only receive the actual decisions by mail. 

Additional inforation about the service

The unemployment fund´s website features instructions on how to use Openetti. These include information on how to log in to the service for the first time and describe which application function is appropriate for your situation. Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding use of the service are also provided. 

Did you fail to find an answer to your question on our website?

We will answer any questions concerning the use of Openetti via the service, by e-mail at asiakaspalvelu(at) or through our telephone service. 

Marjaana Maisonlahti
Fund Director